Prof. Tomasz Jeż studied musicology at the Warsaw University. Twice received the DAAD scholarships for the studies in Göttingen (1995/1996) & Berlin (2000/2001). After his PhD promotion (published as Madrygał w Europie północno-wschodniej [The Madrigal in North-Eastern Europe], Wydawnictwo Naukowe Semper 2003) was employed at the Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw. He received the postdoc sholarship by the Foundation for Polish Science for the scientific stage in Rome (2007/2008). Its fruit is the book Kultura muzyczna jezuitów na Śląsku i ziemi kłodzkiej [The Music Culture of the Jesuits in Silesia and Kłodziko County], Wydawnictwo Naukowe Sub Lupa 2013. He is interesting on music source studies and repertoire dissemination in the 16th–18th centuries. Wrote about 70 scientific papers concerning historic, heuristic, and sociologic contexts of the music culture.