The interest of scientists gathered around the Lexicon of Poland’s musicians of the eighteenth century is focused on the musical culture of that era and region, particulary on composers and artists acting in various groups from 1697 to 1795.

The aim of the project is to supplement the knowledge about musicians – Poles and foreigners – participating in the artistic life of the 18th-century Poland. The work will base on results of new research conducted by authors of the lexicon.

The lexicon will consist of two parts:

  • containing biographies of musicians (composers, instrumentalists, singers, conductors and music theorists),
  • containing notes with condensed information regarding the activity of bands in the most important cultural centers of the 18th century Poland – the royal court, secular and priesthood gentry courts, diocesan and monastic centers as well as the largest cities of the country.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from the resources of the National Heritage II / 2018 module, under the National Program for the Development of Humanities 2020-2025.

Completion of the lexicon was scheduled for 2025. The current status of works on the biographical section is available on the index subpage.